For a company proposing to establish and operate a land-based Casino in Guyana and has made an application for the grant of a Casino Premises license, it shall be required to submit a formal application for a Casino Operator’s License to the Chairman of the Gaming Authority.

The Gaming Authority, in accordance with the Gambling Prevention Act, requires all applicant operators must meet the minimum requirements before granting them a license.


Minimum Requirements for Casino Operators

  1. The Hotel must have a Tourism Accommodation Establishment Licence;
  2. Have a Notice Board placed in a conspicuous place within the premises for the display of licenses, Government Notices, the rules of games promoted, telephone numbers of the Board, disclaimers regarding the effects of gambling, and any other matter required to be displayed.
  3. Security measures to ensure the security of clients and property in line with the police terror guidelines.
  4. Have a Strong-room for purposes of securing monies collected.
  5. Be able to accommodate all the intended activities within to avoid public nuisance.
  6. Clients, Notice Boards, TV screens, and other gaming equipment must all be contained within the premises and strictly not be visible from outside the premises.

Casino Operator’s License: authorizes a company to offer permissible casino games.


Application procedure: download and complete Casino Operator’s License application form

Documents to submit to Gaming Authority: the list of documents includes the completed application form along with the requirements listed in Section 4 of the form.

Operator’s License cost: There are two fees: application and annual. The application fee of G$5,000,000 is paid when submitting the Casino Operator’s license application. Annual fee of G$4,000,000 is due on January 1st of each year.


Processing time: 90 - 180 days

Validity period: ten years