A company proposing to operate gaming and betting activities in Guyana shall be required to submit a formal application for the grant of a Betting Shop license to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA).
The established procedures for the application cover the following:

1. Approved Building Plan from the City Engineer Department. In the case of a rental premise, the plan should be obtained from the Owner of the property.

2. Approval Letter from the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA)

   Documents to submit to CHPA: here is a list of required documents:
    1. Two (2) copies of the completed CHPA Application form
    2. Two (2) copies of the Building Plan
    3. A copy of the Transport or Title from the Owner or Guyana Deeds Registry
    5. A notarized Tenancy Agreement or Letter of Permission from the Owner (if applicable)
    6. A copy of the Survey Plan for the Lot from the Owner/Lands and Surveys Department

  Approved Letter cost: CHPA Application form is G$400. The processing fee is G$15,000

  Processing time: approximately 8 weeks

3. Fire Safety Certificate from the Guyana Fire and Rescue Service

   Documents to submit to the Fire Prevention and Safety Department of the Guyana Fire and Rescue Service:

    1. The approved Building Plan (1 original and 1 copy) from CHPA (One of the copies of the building plan, you submit will be returned to you stamped approved)

    2. The Approval Letter (1 original and 1 copy) from CHPA

 Certificate cost: There are two fees: inspection and processing. Inspection cost is determined by the location of the business. Processing cost is determined by the type of business.

 Processing time: approximately 2 weeks

4. Submit an application for Betting Shop License to the License Revenue Office of the GRA

   Procedure: Download and complete GRA’s Trade and Miscellaneous License application form

  Documents to submit to GRA: the list of documents usually include the completed application form along with these Requirements

   Betting Shop License cost: G$2,500,000